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Hi!  I'm Ruth, loving wife to Daryl since 1985, Mom to 12 blessings.

Here's our family photo taken in June 2012 -

My husband, Daryl,  has worked as a CAD designer in a local machine shop since 1990. Our oldest son, Jeremy, is now home after serving 5 years in the Marines and is now working at Logos Bible Software as an IT tech (his dream job).  Jeremy loves anything computer, but also can't refuse a game of Nerts or Canasta.  Our second oldest son, Jason, works as a machinist at the same place Daryl works and enjoys participating in sports such as volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. Jeremy and Jason have moved out and are sharing an apartment closer to work for both of them and it's going really well!  Our oldest daughter, Jessica, has been working for me in my home business for years.  She also works sewing for another home business making modest swimsuits and does babysitting, especially for children with special needs as she has taken the training to be a "Super Sitter".  She loves dogs, cats and babies and playing the piano and singing.  Our fourth child, Jonathan, is working full time at Perry Pallets, hoping to someday be a truck driver.  The rest of our children are still homeschooling, and I'll share their passions:  Rebekah is our artist, creating beautiful drawings, but cartoon style drawings are her best.  She also works for my business setting snaps and has her own home business selling beautiful hand-made jewelry and crafts.  Rachel loves to garden and has her own play house with gardens all around, she also loves babies and is always ready to hold on if there are any available. She has also begun a home business, Rachel's Color Box, and she sells scented candles, soaps, flower arrangements and more -   Reuben is our thinker and the man of the house now (at least during the day).  He is dying to start a home business but hasn't found his nitch yet so he does lots of hard working jobs around here to earn the extra cash for things like nerf guns and recently a bike.  He loves to play with Esther and is definitely her favorite big brother.  Daniel loves to read, ride bike, and do all the things boys do.  Dayton loves to ride his bike and play with Legos (he's quite the little engineer now), but also loves to "play pretend" with Elizabeth for hours on end.  Elizabeth is also an artist in the making, but loves to ride her bike (or her big brothers' bikes) and play with dolls.  Esther is our sweet little girl with an extra chromosome, and she loves to clap and wave (we found out that parades are probably her favorite thing in the whole world) and play with her siblings.  Her favorite thing to do is play with dolls, having them dance and kiss!  She loves to snuggle and gives great hugs.  She definitely likes being a big sister and loves to give Carese gentle kisses!  Carese is our newest blessing and our miracle baby. She arrived 3/14/2012 via emergency C-Section due to cord prolapse weighing just 4 pounds 14 oz.  She is tiny, but perfectly healthy and makes her presence very well known even in our busy/noisy household!   She is loved by all and already has a little personality all her own, smiling at everyone, making sure we know when she's hungry and that she's a momma's girl, no doubt about it.

We are currently working to adopt Priscilla.  She is 3 years old and living in an Eastern European orpahange.  She has Down Syndrome and respiratory issues.  We hope to visit her this fall and bring her home this winter.  You can follow our adoption story on my adoption blog, A Seventh Sister!

I have been a Stay-At-Home-Mom since 1992 and love it! I have been working from home running our business, Snap-EZ Inc, since the summer of 2004.

I used to have lots of hobbies, but most of them went into hibernation when my home business began.  I have re-started some of my hobbies since we re-organized our home business to make it more manageable for me.  This past year I have been "on the shelf" in many ways with my pregnancy, recovery from my first C-Section and now recovering from a knee injury.  I am looking forward to picking up my active hobbies (gardening, biking and volleyball) again soon but I will have to be patient for now.  I am enjoying crocheting and knitting right now, as well as creating new photo album pages  some baking/cooking.  I love to do crossword puzzles with my family in the evenings.  This past year I directed our church choir for the first time and I am definitely looking forward to doing it again next fall!

I don't blog regularly, but I do enjoy blogging about my life, God's blessings, and my convictions!  Be sure to check out my other blogs - the links are at the top of the left hand column!

I hope you are blessed by what I share here!


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